Let's build more wind.

...And use less gas.

The energy crisis is really just a gas crisis. In an ever-more uncertain world, we can't afford to depend on global fossil fuel imports any longer.

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It's never been more important to end our reliance on imported gas and fossil fuels. For a clean, affordable, and independent energy future the UK needs more renewables - and fast. And it needs your help.

Help bring about the future of UK energy and security by telling us about where we can build a turbine on your land.

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Local green energy. From our turbines for your home

The UK’s first energy tariff to give customers the benefits of local renewable energy production in real-time.

We already have over 8,000 communities across Britain interested in cheaper, greener electricity (and counting). Our current Fan Club communities receive up to 50% off their bills – from their local wind farm.

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70% of people support onshore wind in the UK

(BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker - Wave 37, 13.05.2021)

33% of people have a more positive opinion of onshore wind than they did five years ago

(YouGov 12.05.21)

This is stronger amongst Conservative voters, 36% of which feel more positive about wind vs 5 yrs ago

(YouGov 12.05.21)

The fastest route to energy independence in Britain is green.

The pandemic has taught us that when it matters, the world can move fast. It takes 15 years to bring a typical vaccine to market. The Covid-19 vaccine was ready in a year. We can do the same with green energy: without all the red tape, we could build a turbine in a year.

In comparison, the most recent North Sea gas project has taken more than 3 years to build. The Tolmount platform – the most recent UK North Sea gas platform – got the green light in 2018 but is yet to deliver any gas.

What about when the wind doesn’t blow?

Of course, it’s not windy all the time. So when it’s not, we can fill the gaps with electricity generated by gas.

That’s why fossil fuel companies often describe gas as “the transition fuel”. We can use it as a gap filler until other technologies such as battery storage, green hydrogen, solar, EVs and smart homes can take over.

Wind is cheap. Gas is expensive.

Thanks to innovation and investment from government and the world’s brightest businesses, power generated from wind was already cheaper than power from gas even before the crisis. Yet the price of gas still sets the price of all energy.

According to Lazard’s 2021 analysis, power from new wind investment is around $30 per megawatt hour cheaper than new gas capacity.

How did we calculate these prices?

This is the cheapest mix available with today’s technology - wind (and solar) when the weather allows, and gas when it doesn’t.

Gas should be our back-up, not our backbone.

Why does this matter to us?

We supply millions of homes and businesses with energy, and from our very beginnings we've been determined to drive down the cost. We’ve already seen this work on a small scale with our Fan Club but if we want to benefit a significant number of people, we need help to overcome the obstacles that slow down green innovation.

Every British wind turbine means less imported gas and lower bills for our customers.

So, let’s build more wind.

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