Branding at Octopus

We manage evolving styles for the most exciting brands in the energy industry, and we use modern, dynamic tools to help us do it.

Storybook is a tool for designing and managing UI components, so it shows our components not just as they were designed, but using the exact same code that powers our products.

We host three libraries of shared components, pages and brand guidelines to build a complete digital ecosystem to represent our brands.

Brand & basics

Brand guidelines and core components, such as buttons, modals and layouts.

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Components and pages for account management.

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Everything that makes up our onboarding experience.

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Specific Brands

Some pages and components are only used on one of our brands' sites, so they aren't found in shared directories like the ones above. A selection of these can be found below.

Octopus Energy

Pages and components specific to our Octopus Energy site.

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