Octopus Fan Zone

Welcome to the Fan Zone

The Octopus Fan Zone will bring together communities across the UK who would love wind energy in their area & those who want to know more.

Together, we are working towards one common goal...

Build More Fans

Onshore wind can help to drive positive change for communities all over the UK. With the Fan Zone, we want to create a fun yet informative, onshore wind immersive experience that helps you to understand what living by an Octopus Energy turbine could be like.

Fan club

How can I get involved?

The simplest & easiest way to get involved is to register your interest here.

You'll then be the first to know if we launch a Fan Club in your area or if we are hosting any Fan Zone events nearby. Most importantly, you're helping to demonstrate the love for onshore wind across the UK.

Who are you?

The Fan Zone is open to...

Fans Would like to receive up to 50% off your electricity bill?

If you're a 'Fan' of onshore wind - this ones for you. The Octopus Fan Club allows communities to benefit directly from wind generation in their local area. Join the Fan Club today or sign up to our waiting list now.

Landowners Are you a landowner looking to diversify into renewables?

Apply to Plots for Kilowatts today! Our team of experts will assess your site eligibility for onshore wind. Be the next host of one of our Fan Club turbines and have a positive impact on your community.

Fan Zone Map

What does the UK have to say about onshore wind?

In the UK, we found that 9 out of 10 people support onshore wind.

We've had over 26,000 requests for Fan Club turbines across the UK, and this number continues to grow.

On our heat map, you'll notice clusters of support surrounding our Octopus Fan Clubs. You'll also notice more pink hot spots spread all over the UK - we'd love to turn this map pink.

The UK needs more onshore wind. We need your help in order to Build More Fans where people want them. Register your interest here - be a part of the green energy transition and help us move towards a cheaper and greener future.

At first, I was sceptical about the savings I could make. I was staggered when the savings were credited to my account. I now keep my eye on the fan club regularly and try to use my washer and dryer.

I'm really impressed with Octopus and how they are helping our local community save money . It has helped me feel closer to the turbine and understand how they work.

I think the Fan Club is a brilliant idea. Not only does it make me think about how and when I use energy but it is also helping in the battle with climate change and saving me money as well, win win all round.


100,000 Fans of Onshore Wind

Fan Zone Events

Our Fan Zones will travel up and down the UK, in line with Fan Club interest (from our map above!) and our active development projects.

What to expect...

  • An immersive VR experience allowing you to understand, see and hear what a turbine could be like in your area.
  • Renewable Energy and Development experts. Got questions about noise, ecology, heritage, wind power or maybe just your energy account? We can answer them.
  • Information on how you could save up to 50% off your energy bill with the Octopus Fan Club.
  • Food, drinks, Octopus Energy merch & more!

Previous Fan Zone Events

Community really is at the heart of the Fan Zone. To read more information about our previous community events, check out our blog page here.

Coming Soon

Come and visit us at a future Fan Zone event near you!

Gusty is back at Glastonbury! 26th - 30th June, Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm

Gusty is back again for some more festival action! In a matter of weeks, Gusty will be re-erected to prove just how quick and easy installing renewables can be!

Repowering Woodlands July 8th, St Breward Village Hall

We recently purchased an old onshore wind turbine in Bodmin, Cornwall for the purpose of repowering. Using VR, you can understand, see and hear the turbine in your area. Plus, you'll also have a chance to speak to our development experts!

Fan Zone takes Alexandra Palace July 13th & 14th, Alexandra Palace Festival

Fully immerse yourself in the world of wind power. Experience what it's like to live locally to a turbine through our Virtual Reality experience and visualise what it would be like to have a wind turbine generating green electrons in the London skyline.

We'd love to bring the Fan Zone to as many communities as possible.

Countdown to our next Fan Zone event!


Active Projects Info

Woodlands Farm

We recently purchased an onshore wind turbine (a turbowind) in Bodmin, Cornwall. The turbine is currently underperforming. It's not generating enough electricity and it provides no tangible benefit to the local community - with repowering, we want to change this.

Read more about the Woodlands Repowering project here.


I can't find a Fan Zone near me?


Don't worry! If there isn't an in person Fan Zone event near you, you can still enjoy the Fan Zone virtually by signing up here. This way you'll be the first to know if we launch an Octopus Fan Club in your area.

Are Fan Zone events free?


Yes! They are completely free to attend. We'd love for as many people as possible to come and enjoy the Fan Zone, learn about onshore wind in your community and sign up to the Octopus Fan Club. Spread the word - we hope to meet you soon!

What If i'm already an Octopus Fan Club member?


Great - you're already benefiting from local wind generation. Please feel free to join us at any in person Fan Zone event and spread the word. We want to build as many 'Fans' as possible.

Can I get a Fan Zone event in my area?


We want to bring the Fan Zone to communities all across the UK. The best way to bring the Fan Zone to your area is to generate interest through out sign up here.

Alternatively, if you have a specific event you would like us to join, please email us directly at octopusfanclub@octoenergy.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of Fan Zone and how do communities benefit ?


Our intention with Fan Zone is to help people see the reality of having an Octopus Energy Turbine near them. Our move to support the development of onshore wind is people and community-focused. We think onshore wind and opportunity are synonymous and should be for the people close by.

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!