Octopus Energy Updates to Terms and Conditions

Here’s a quick view of what’s changed from Octopus Energy terms and conditions version v3.1 to v3.2:

  • Addition of terms around us now offering the Green Deal
  • Amending definition of “Tracker Tariff” to “Time of Use Tariff” to more accurately reflect this bundle of tariffs 
  • Updating definition of “we, us, our” to include other brands 
  • 3.2 - Amending the paragraph on us providing services digitally 
  • 4 - Deemed contract - clarifying the situations when customers may be on a deemed contract with us 
  • 7 - Clarifying we will send prices by email as well as being on our website 
  • 8 - Clarifying that you will only be eligible for a referral reward if you sign up through the link, not through a third party comparison site 
  • 9.3 - Clarifying the security deposit scheme 
  • 9.9 - Clarifying that we need meter readings before we can issue refund of credit, and that we will only issue a refund if you do not fall into debt 
  • 13 - Clarifying which tariff we will put people on at the end of their fixed term if they don’t actively move to a new tariff 
  • 17.3.6 - Updating how often we can take smart meter readings 
  • 18 - new Green Deal conditions

You can read Octopus Energy’s terms and conditions, version 3.2 here. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us

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