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"After we realised how good Salary Sacrifice was (making EVs a no brainer) our team has worked tirelessly to design and deliver a scheme that makes it easy and cost-neutral for companies of all shapes and sizes to set up. If helping customers transition to a greener and fairer world for future generations excites you then Octopus Electric Vehicles might be the place for you"

Fiona - CEO, Octopus Electric Vehicles


"Driving the transition to zero-carbon driving"

Who are Octopus Electric Vehicles?

At Octopus Electric Vehicles we make it easy for individuals and businesses to make the transition to zero-carbon driving and electric cars are coming faster than most people can imagine.

Launched in 2018, Octopus Electric Vehicles brings together great offers on a handpicked range of the best electric vehicles available. Our mission is to drive sustainable change and provide our customers with fair pricing and a fantastic experience. In 2019 we launched Electric Dreams. It’s the salary sacrifice scheme that saves employees up to 40% on the cost of driving a brand-new electric car with maintenance, tyres, insurance and more.

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We don't churn out cuboids

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Our work is powered by freedom, autonomy and responsibility. Octopus people are driven by a desire to make the world better. We find ways we can help, and take ownership for making change happen fast.

Our founder Greg has a theory that building a great team should be like building a dry-stone wall...

We don't churn out cuboids. Instead of managers pushing KPIs, we give people the space and opportunity to deliver brilliance. What you do at Octopus morphs and changes, so you can make the biggest impact doing what you're brilliant at.

This way of working isn't for everyone. You have to drive your own work forward; be agile, flexible, and personally accountable for everything you do, from idea to conception.

Expect the unexpected.


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