Helping renewable projects connect with communities

Unlocking cheaper energy for your communities in the UK

Octopus Energy is working with developers, asset owners and funders to support driving down the cost of energy for communities living locally to their projects.

Through the power of Kraken, we are creating bespoke, time-matched, location-based tariffs to deliver cheaper energy at times when there's an abundance of local generation - whether that be wind, solar or something else!

We'll bring the tech, you bring the projects!

Building from the success of Octopus Energy's world-first Fan Club offering, we are going to unleash the power of our tech platform, Kraken, with select partners wanting to support local communities more effectively.

At Octopus, we believe that renewables should be brought closer to the consumer and that people living alongside generation projects should enjoy cheaper electricity when their local turbine is spinning or the sun is shining.

Renewable energy projects often find it hard to deliver real benefits to the community. On windy or sunny days, the cost of energy can be discounted when consumed locally by the community. By unlocking this discounted energy, it allows for a deeper engagement at a project level with those living closest, allowing them to understand and benefit from the power of locally generated renewable energy.

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