ENGIE Updates to Terms and Conditions

Following our acquisition of ENGIE, we are moving all accounts over to us to become Octopus Energy customers. 

Previous ENGIE customers will now transition onto Octopus Energy’s T&C’s version 3.2. You don’t need to do anything, you’ll automatically transition on to our terms and conditions.

Here’s a quick view of what’s changed from your ENGIE terms and conditions: 

  • Updated definition of ‘we, us, our’ to mean Octopus Energy and our other brands 
  • 3.2. Our customer services are designed around using digital communications (email and online) and this is how we deliver lower prices, more up-to-date information about your account and a more responsive service. If you do not have access to digital forms of communication at home, we ask you to find access wherever possible (libraries, or friends and family, for example). If this is not possible, please let us know and we will seek to accommodate alternatives where absolutely necessary. If you choose not to use digital communication, you will not be eligible for our full range of products and services, and you may not benefit from discounts and other benefits we offer
  • 3. Contract start date - customer agrees from the contract start date to provide monthly meter readings using the link in the email sent to you (which can be via smart phone or computer) or via a mobile phone application that we may provide;
  • 6. Your rights of cancellation - If you choose to start your supply in advance of the 14th day, and then decide to cancel, your supply will be changed back to your former supplier within a further 21 days and you will need to pay us the charges for the supply from the Supply Start Date to the date when you are switched back to your former supplier if these charges are not taken over by your previous supplier. We do not charge exit fees to cancel your contract. 
  • 8 - From time to time we may offer marketing incentives, including a friends and family referral scheme which pays a reward to you or someone you introduce to us once they have made their first direct debit payment to us and are supplied Energy by us, subject to eligibility. You will only be eligible for a referral reward if you sign up through the link, not through a third party comparison site. If you qualify for more than one type of marketing incentive, we reserve the right to give you just one incentive. This will be the highest value incentive of those for which you qualify. 
  • 10. Non-payment of charges - We may charge you £15 for the first missed payment and a total of £20 for each missed payment after that. We will take such steps as are necessary to recover the sums due to us, which may include employing a debt collection agency. We charge interest at 4% above the Bank of England Bank base rate at the relevant time on all outstanding charges from the date the charges first became overdue until the date you make payment of such charges; and/or disconnect the supply in accordance with clause 15
  • 17. Prepayment meter request - we will install a smart meter which customers can request in prepayment mode
  • 18. Green deal - extra conditions apply if there is a Green Deal Plan attached to your Premises as set out in clause 18
  • 21. Our Liability - If you suffer any loss or damage, our responsibility to you will be limited to a maximum of £25,000 in any calendar year

You can read Octopus Energy’s terms and conditions version 3.2 here. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us

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