Go green at home with Which? & Octopus

Get an exclusive 5% off your heat pump and / or solar installation from Octopus Energy with a
Which? Membership. Plus priority installation and specialist advice.

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Together with a 5% discount, Which? members will also receive:

  • Priority installation.
  • All the mod-cons included in your fixed-price quote.
  • An exclusive £100 credit if you switch to Octopus Energy during your installation journey.
  • An Octopus Home Mini, a cutting-edge device that makes it easy to track your energy use in real time, right from your phone.
  • A smart meter upgrade, scheduled at the same time as your install for no extra cost.
  • Free cap of your gas supply, if you want to go 100% electric!
  • Personalised energy advice and tariff recommendations to help save you money with your new tech.


Future-proof your home with an air-source
heat pump

Gas boilers have served us well, but the next generation of heating is here. A heat pump is 4x more efficient and powered by clean, green electricity with Octopus.

Get comfortable, consistent heating and hot water but with less pricey maintenance and a product lifespan of around 20 years – up to twice as long as a boiler.
Find out more.


Be self-sufficient with solar & battery power

Cut up to 80% off your electricity bills with home solar and battery power, and be energy independent.

Generate your own green electricity with solar panels, and use a battery to store it when the sun isn’t shining, or sell excess power back to the grid with an Octopus smart tariff. Straight forward installation by experts you can trust. Find out more.


To find out if a heat pump or solar panels are a good fit for your home, and get a fixed-price quote,
answer a few simple questions via the link below:


Need help to decide which product is right for you?

Tour the virtual Octo-House See the cash and carbon emissions you could save with a heat pump or solar power
The Heat Pump Hub Everything you need to know about heat pumps with Octopus Energy
Solar and Battery Power Find out more about solar power installations with Octopus

How does it work? Find out in our FAQs

How does it work?


There is no commitment required to get a quote. First we’ll ask you to fill out this quick form to find out more about your home and the options you’re interested in.

Before we can send your fixed price quote, we’ll check if you’re in our service area (we cover many areas of the UK, but there are some spots that our tentacles haven’t reached yet). We’ll then assess if your home is suitable for a heat pump and/or a solar and battery system.

If your home is install-ready, we’ll send an email with your fixed price quote, containing all the information you’ll need on what’s included. If you have any questions, or you’d like help to decide whether solar or a heat pump is best for you (or both), our experts will be on hand to chat through all of the options by phone or email. We can offer advice on the installation, running costs, tariffs and more.

The offer

The 5% discount will be deducted from your fixed price quote. Government grants like the £5k Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant or other discounts, like Octopus’s £250 supplier discount on heat pumps, will be applied before the 5% is deducted. See our terms and conditions below for more.

How much does it cost?


Each home is different. Our heat pump installations start at £500 and 90% of our quotes are lower than the national average of £5,565. Both of these prices include the new government grant of £7,500.

The cost of solar installation depends on the number of panels you need and whether you choose to have battery storage. We're now offering solar panel installations from £4,999. The average cost for solar panel and battery storage installation is £9,368.

What does a fixed-price quote include?


Your fixed price quote will include everything you need for your new heating or solar system.

Heat pumps:

  • Brand new Daikin heat pump sized for your home’s heating needs
  • New Daikin heat pump-compatible water cylinder
  • Any necessary radiators for your new system
  • Plumbing & electrical bits needed to fit your new heating system
  • Labour to complete your installation
  • 5-year warranty on your heat pump
  • 2-year warranty on all other parts
  • 5-year warranty on labour & workmanship
  • £5000 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant (we apply for this grant on your behalf)


At quote stage we’ll recommend a battery size and number of panels based on the size of your roof and your energy usage. If you’d like to change the size of the system quoted, we’ll be happy to do this for you.

  • Solar panels
  • A Giv-Energy Battery
  • A Giv-Energy Inverter
  • Bird-Netting for roof as standard
  • All electrical components required to complete the solar install
  • All scaffolding, delivery and labour costs
  • A 2 year Deposit and Workmanship Warranty Insurance scheme, provided by Qualitymark.
  • Our solar panels, batteries and inverters are all covered under product warranty for a minimum of 10 years.

What does priority installation mean?


We’ll get you through our process as quickly as possible and give you first choice on available installation dates. Some parts of the process are outside of our control (for example, if you need planning permission for your heat pump) so we can’t provide you with exact timing until we’ve completed your survey.

What does capping my gas mean?


If you no longer use gas and would like to save on your gas standing charge, great news! We can cap your gas and remove your gas meter for you, free of charge, during your heat pump installation. Check out this page for more details.

What if I want both a heat pump and solar panels?


Great choice! If your home is suitable for both, you’ll receive a 5% discount off the final cost of your installation.

Do I have to be an Octopus Energy customer to be eligible for the discount?


No, we never judge a home by their energy supplier. But if you’re not with Octopus Energy you won’t have access to our specialist smart tariffs; custom built to save you money when using your heat pump, solar or battery storage. We’d also be unable to install your smart meter (this would need to be arranged by your electricity supplier) or provide an Octopus Home Mini, as this will be linked to your energy account. If you’d like to switch to Octopus during this offer, you’ll get £100 in credit added to your energy account as a welcome gift.

What makes Octopus Energy green?


We want to make renewable energy the easiest choice for everyone – so all our electricity tariffs are 100% green, often for less than other suppliers' non-green tariffs.

But that’s not all, we’re helping to build a smart, sustainable, low-carbon energy system for tomorrow. Find out more about how we're building a greener future.

Do I need to have a smart meter installed?


We always recommend a smart meter to take advantage of smart tariffs, which can help to save even more with a heat pump and solar installation. If you’re an Octopus Energy customer, we will install a smart meter for you, free of charge, at the time of installation. If Octopus don’t provide your energy, please speak to your electricity supplier about exchanging your meter.

Where are you currently installing?


We’re currently installing heat pumps across most of England & Wales. For solar installations, we’re installing in most of England at present.

We’re working to extend our tentacles across the rest of the UK as quickly as possible. If you’re outside of our service area now, we’ll let you know as soon as we get to you.

Our claims explained


A heat pump is 4x more efficient than a gas boiler

When correctly installed in an appropriate home, heat pumps can deliver several units of heat for each unit of electricity. For every 1 kWh of electricity you put in, you could get up to 3.33kWh of heat out, which is an efficiency of 333%! This is because heat pumps don’t create heat, but move existing heat from nature into your home (like an air conditioner or refrigerator, but in reverse). At Octopus we always ensure that a heat pump is the right fit for your home.

Alternatively, when you burn stuff to generate heat (like gas, oil, or wood), you are instead creating heat by converting matter to energy - so you can never get more than one unit of heat for each unit of energy you burn. Gas boilers in UK homes are only around 83% efficient, so for every 1 kWh of gas you put in, you get 0.83kWh of heat out, which is 4x less efficient than a heat pump (3.33/0.83 = 4.1)

A heat pump lasts up to twice as long as a gas boiler

Our heat pumps have an average life span of 20 years, whereas the average gas boiler is expected to last 10-15 years.

Cut up to 80% off your electricity bills with home solar and battery power

This is calculated by comparing what the average household would pay on the July’23 price cap £1060

To what they would pay with 4kW solar & battery system, assuming they use 80% of their generation and export 20% on our Fixed Outgoing tariff - £194

This is a saving of £867 or 82% of their total electricity bill

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