Terms and Conditions for the Octopus Fan Club

v1.0 last updated on 27 September 2023

  1. The Octopus Fan Club is available for customers who live in Fan Club eligible postcodes, have a working Smart Meter and are on a standard fixed or flexible Octopus Energy import tariff.
  2. These Fan Club terms and conditions are in addition to the Octopus Energy General Terms and Conditions which apply for your energy supply.
  3. If you sign up to the Octopus Fan Club but have a change in circumstances that means you are no longer eligible for the Octopus Fan Club, we reserve the right to remove your Fan Club benefits. We will let you know if we do this and advise you of your options.
  4. Octopus Fan Club is compatible with our “Octopus Outgoing Smart Export Guarantee” export tariff but no other Octopus export tariffs. The Octopus Fan Club is a smart product and so you cannot be on any Octopus Smart import tariffs whilst on the Octopus Fan Club.
  5. By joining the Octopus Fan Club, you agree that we can take half hourly meter readings from your Smart Meter, to allow us to calculate your Fan Club discounts. If we are unable to obtain half hourly meter readings from your Smart Meter, or if we are unable for any reason to collect the data we need from the relevant wind turbine, we will not apply our Fan Club benefit.
  6. Octopus Fan Club is a beta product. This means some things may not work the first time or may break and that sometimes data issues with smart meters and/or your relevant Fan Club turbine can take significant time to fix. If this happens, we will charge you as we would a regular customer (see paragraph 3).
  7. We are always looking to improve our smart products, so we will sometimes share opportunities for you to give feedback on the product to help us continue developing it. By signing up to the Octopus Fan Club, you agree to us contacting you for feedback on your experience.
  8. From time to time we may also contact you with surveys or about fun offers, giveaways and promotions. By joining the Octopus Fan Club, you agree you are happy for us to contact you in this way.
  9. You can leave the Fan Club at any time.

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