O.X from Octopus Energy. No extra costs for 12 years guaranteed.

O.X from Octopus Energy

The smart boiler that won't let you down

From £35 per month on your energy bill

A boiler that's smart, simple, and built to serve. Pay for it monthly alongside your energy. It won't let you down – there's no extra costs for 12 years, guaranteed.

We’ve partnered with HomeServe to introduce a revolutionary new offer. We'll install a brand new smart boiler, without any up-front payment – allowing customers to spread the cost of their boiler, servicing, parts and repairs for up to 12 years.

Peace of mind as standard

Every O.X is installed by the expert engineers HomeServe, and includes a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, plus 12 years’ servicing as required based on your usage. This is the only boiler bundle in the UK that's 100% guaranteed to have no extra cost for 12 years.

A boiler that’s built to serve

Two in one heat exchanger

O.X has been designed and built by the boiler experts at Intergas to be highly efficient, highly reliable, and feature the latest in smart heating tech.

  • Two-in-one heat exchanger, serving hot water and heating more efficiently
  • FailSafe dual circuitry, so that if the heating ever fails, the hot water won’t
  • Smartservice, Intergas' system remotely monitoring your boiler’s health that'll proactively advise when it’s due for a service.
  • Control from wherever you are with the ComfortTouch thermostat and smartphone app

O.X has just four moving parts. The standard for a Combi boiler is around 12. This simple design means your boiler is far less likely to break down. That's how we can guarantee to cover all your maintenance and repair costs.

Pay monthly alongside your energy

This unique package starts from £35 per month (on top of your energy charges). It's available exclusively to Octopus Energy customers.

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