Official Go Effortless Octopus information page

What is happening?

Ofgem have appointed Octopus Energy, Britain’s most highly rated energy supplier, to take over your energy supply from Go Effortless Energy. Your supply will carry on as usual, and any credit balance will be safe.

You don’t need to do anything now, we will be in touch with more information in 7 days.

Your Go Effortless energy account is moving to Octopus

Ofgem, the energy regulator, has asked Octopus Energy to step in and look after Go Effortless's customers as the company have ceased trading.

Over the next few weeks, we will transfer you to our award-winning customer service platform on one of our great value tariffs.

Once this switch process is complete, you'll be free to stay with Octopus with no exit fees, or switch to another supplier. You won't be able to switch until then due to energy industry limitations.

Good to know:

  • Your energy supply will continue uninterrupted. You will not be cut off.
  • Any money Go Effortless owed you is safe and will be credited to your new Octopus account as soon as possible.
  • If you pay by Direct Debit, this will continue as usual and credit to Octopus and not Go Effortless. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit.
  • If you are a prepayment customer, you will be able to top up in the same way you have been doing and will not lose supply

There's no need to call or email us - we will be in touch within 7 days with an update.

You don’t need to do anything right now, but we’d appreciate you taking a note of your meter readings.

If you can, please make a note of your meter readings today and store them. We will ask for these soon. If you are away, or can’t make a note, don’t worry. It won’t affect your switch and we will be in touch soon with more information.

Octopus is renowned for fantastic service, but please do not call or email us unless it’s an emergency.

Here’s what will happen next:

Within 7 days

We will contact you with an update.

Within 14 days

We expect to have most accounts reviewed, transferred, and operating properly. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit as we will move to over to us.

Within 21 days

Your switch will be complete, and you'll be free to switch to another supplier (but we hope you'll stay).

We are committed to making this as smooth as possible. We’re proud of our reputation for customer service and ask that you bear with us whilst we begin the tidying process so we can give you the service you deserve.

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!