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Dynamic 100% green electricity tariffs for vertical farms

Perfect for the new generation of indoor agriculture companies who are using technology to create local food security, reduce waste and improve agricultural sustainability.

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Why vertical farming?

By 2050 we will have a world population of 9bn*, and food production must increase by 70% to meet this demand**. Vertical farming could be one answer to this global issue.

Through our work with vertical farms we've found that a combination of our technology, green energy and custom tariffs can help significantly reduce energy costs for this high growth sector.

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Harvest London x Octopus Energy for Business

In the video below we talk about how an abundance of renewable energy and green electrons can support emerging sectors like vertical farming. One of our latest customers, Harvest London, takes us through the picture of what business looks like to them and how Octopus is supporting with innovative tariffs and green energy.

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Our tariffs:

Powered by 100% green energy.

Vertical Power TRI

Tri-band tariff ensures your vertical farm avoids peak pricing between 16:00 and 19:00.

Can yield the most efficient savings when compared against adoption of technologies and changes to farming operations. Provides up to an 8% saving versus cheapest Economy 7 tariff.

Vertical Power AGILE

Agile allows you to access half hourly energy prices, tied to wholesale prices and updated daily.

Savings are dependent on site flexibility and crop type. We've seen that when paired with automation Agile can unlock savings of up to 15%.

Switching has never been simpler

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No engineer or installer visits

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No disruption to your supply

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Certified 100% renewable electricity

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No extortionate out-of-contract rates

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Backed by the Energy Switch Guarantee, you can be confident that things will run smoothly and that you're making the right move.

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*UN Department for Economics and Social Affairs

**Futurity, 2017

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