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Octopus Fixed

Our 12 & 24 month tariffs fix the energy price you'll pay. Great if you want price certainty for your business.

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Flexible Octopus

No fixed term contract, no exit fees, and fair pricing that flexes with the market.

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Up to 35% Cheaper

13.78 p/kWh 35% cheaper on average*
*Prices quoted are the average deemed PC3 electrictity unit rates as published on the supplier website January 2018
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Showcase your green credentials

We'll help you shout about your commitment to renewable energy by providing you with window stickers, digital logos, and annual sustainability reports


Electric Vehicle Schemes

Teslas, Leafs, i3s, e-Golfs… EVs for all! Talk to us about our range of vehicles and we'll help you unlock the savings available and we'll make it a reality

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Get a quote and switch online in minutes. No need to fill out paperwork or wait for a call back.

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Switching has never been simpler

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No engineer or installer visits

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No disruption to your supply

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Certified 100% renewable electricity

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No exortionate out-of-contract rates

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Backed by the Energy Switch Guarantee, you can be confident that things will run smoothly and that you're making the right move.

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Hey! Just so you know, your device is fully charged and you're still charging it. Removing the charger will avoid degrading your battery 😊