Frequently asked questions

1. Overview

What is the Tesla Energy Plan?


The Tesla Energy Plan is an energy tariff specifically designed for Tesla vehicle owners who have solar panels and Powerwall installed in their home.

It offers customers 100% clean electricity and savings of up to 75% compared to Big 6 tariffs*. This is achieved through giving you the lowest flat electricity tariffs in the UK, combined with smart management of your home’s energy and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Your solar system, Powerwall and EV charging are connected to Tesla’s energy management platform. It is designed to improve the way you use your energy to power your lifestyle and allows any stored by your Powerwall to be exported back to the grid, to benefit both you and the community.

Tesla’s authorised retail partner, Octopus Energy, administers the plan.

*Based on electricity consumption of 8,000 kWh/year. Your bill will differ based on your usage.

What are the key benefits of this offer?


  • Power your home and EV with 100% clean energy
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Support the grid when it needs it most
  • Reduce reliance on the grid
  • Introductory offers for new customers

What are the Introductory Offers?


For customers purchasing Powerwall directly from Tesla, you will receive 12 months of free electricity if you sign up by June 30th 2020.

Those customers who already have Powerwall installed will receive £50 credit on their account, which equates to ~2,000 miles of free driving.

How does “12 months of free electricity” work and how will it show in my account?


When you buy a new Powerwall directly through Tesla as part of this offer, your next 12 months’ electricity bill, up to a maximum of 500GBP, will be free. Your account balance will be credited when you sign up.

How do you work out my 2,000 free miles?


You will get a £50 credit on your Octopus Energy account upon sign-up. We have used an EV efficiency average of 0.3 kWh/mile, so £50 home charging on the Tesla Energy Plan equates to ~2000 miles free driving.

Bear in mind that efficiency differs depending on multiple variables, such as driving conditions and Tesla vehicle model.

What are the tariff details?


  • No daily standing charge on your bill
  • Flat import rate of 8p / kWh - the lowest single rate tariff available in the market (as of January 2020)
  • Flat export rate of 8p / kWh for any electricity you export - 40% more than the best S.E.G. tariff on the market (as of January 2020)

2. Savings

How much will I save?


With Tesla Energy Plan, solar panels and Powerwall, you could reduce your electricity bills by up to 75% compared to Big 6 electricity supplier tariffs. This is based on a household without solar panels consuming 8,000 kWh/year from the grid.

Your individual savings will depend on a number of factors, including your current energy supplier and tariff, your consumption and how many solar panels you have.

3. Eligibility

Am I eligible for this new offer?


You are eligible if you have:

  • A Tesla vehicle
  • Electric Vehicle Charger installed at your home or are able to have one installed
  • Solar panels and Powerwall (Or a home suitable for this)
  • Residential electricity supply

I already have solar and Powerwall. What is next?


You can transfer onto the Tesla Energy Plan straight away by switching your retail plan. You need a smart meter in your home; however, Octopus can arrange to have one installed at no charge.

What if I don’t have solar panels installed?


To be eligible for the Tesla Energy Plan, you must have both solar panels and Powerwall installed.

To install solar panels, ideally you’ll need a minimum clear space of 24 square meters – about the size of a parking space – available on your roof. The area should be free of shading from trees, chimneys or other buildings for most of the day to get the maximum energy generation from your panels.

A Tesla Energy Advisor can help assess system sizing and provide a quote on solar and Powerwall.

Do I have to own a Powerwall to join the energy plan?


Yes. The Tesla Energy Plan uses the combination of solar with a Tesla Powerwall and electric vehicle charging to maximize your savings.

For customers who are awaiting the installation of their system, we will manage the tariff transfer process once your system is installed.

What happens if solar or Powerwall can't be installed at my property?


Unfortunately, to be eligible for the Tesla Energy Plan it requires solar panels and Powerwall.

Do I need to have off-street parking to sign-up?


Yes, you will need to have off-street parking with an EV charger to enjoy the Tesla Energy Plan. If you do not have an EV charger already, a Tesla Energy Advisor can arrange a Tesla Wall Connector to be installed.

What happens if I already have another electric vehicle charger installed, do I still need to have a Tesla Wall Connector?


No, although we do need you to disable any smart charging features if your charger has those capabilities. Doing this will allow you to use your existing charger for the Tesla Energy Plan.

Do I need a smart meter?


Yes, Tesla Energy Plan involves import and export tariffs; therefore, you need to have a smart meter installed. If you do not have already one, Octopus Energy will install one at no cost.

My house has a 3-phase electricity supply, can I still sign-up for the plan?


Yes, the Tesla Energy Plan can also work on 3-phase households; a Tesla Energy Advisor can help assess your specific case.

What if I rent my home, can I still access this offer?


Yes, you don’t have to own the home to access the Tesla Energy Plan. However, you will need to obtain approval from the property owner to have Powerwall and solar panels installed and be able to demonstrate the property owner’s consent to Tesla prior to installation.

Will I lose my feed-in tariff (FiT) on my existing solar system?


Moving to the Tesla Energy Plan means:

  • Generation Tariff - your payments for energy generation remain the same.
  • Export Tariff - you will be required to opt-out of your 'deemed export' payments. Instead, you will receive 8p/kWh for every kWh actually exported, this is measured by your Smart Meter.

Note: There is no requirement to switch your FiT generation contract to Octopus.

If you have installed solar after 1 April 2019, we will still require a copy of your Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) certification in order to get you onto the Tesla Energy Plan.

I’ve just signed up to a retailer, can I switch to this plan now?


Yes, the standard 14-business day cooling off period applies between retailers, and Octopus Energy will manage the switch for you.

What happens if I sign up now but then want to leave later? Are there penalties?


If you want to change your offer or move to a different energy retailer at any time, there will be no hardware impact, as it will default to normal operation, as well as no exit fees or contract lock-ins.

That said, the Tesla Energy Plan has been specifically designed to maximise the value of your solar panels and Powerwall and Tesla are confident that the plan has been tailored to offer the greatest benefit for you.

Do I need to get a separate supplier for gas if I want to sign up for the Tesla Energy Plan?


When it comes to gas supply alongside Tesla Energy Plan you have full flexibility. You can either contract your gas supply from a different supplier or you can ask Octopus Energy to switch your gas to them, in which case Octopus Energy will offer you carbon neutral gas under the Super Green Octopus tariff.

Does it work with other brands of EV too?


Tesla Energy Plan is only available for Tesla vehicle owners right now. However, if you also have another EV as well as your Tesla, then Tesla Energy Plan will benefit all your home energy usage.

4. Management

How is Tesla involved?


Tesla Energy Plan integrates Tesla’s products with an innovative retail electricity plan. Building on its world-leading hardware, Tesla is now using software to ensure you optimise the use of your solar, Powerwall battery system and EV charging so that you save on your energy bills.

Tesla will ensure your vehicle will be charged & ready when desired, whilst also sending renewable energy back to the grid when most needed.

How is Octopus Energy involved?


Octopus Energy will provide all the electricity retail services, including account management and friendly customer support.

Octopus Energy is a UK based, 100% clean energy provider renowned for its innovation and industry-leading customer service. It is the only retailer ever rated with 5 stars in every category by Which magazine. You can also get your natural gas from Octopus Energy if you sign up to the Tesla Energy plan, but this is not mandatory.

5. System operation

Why do Tesla need control of my Powerwall?


Tesla need to control your Powerwall to manage how and when you use your solar energy and what you’ve stored. This helps reduce the wholesale market cost of the electricity you consume, giving you the best rates available, as well as supporting the grid during peak periods.

This import and export management is what allows us to be able to give you the lowest flat rate tariffs on the market.

How will Tesla manage grid import & exports?


Import and export activity will be determined by Tesla’s software. Tesla base this on factors like historical energy use patterns, solar generation forecast and wholesale energy prices and will constantly optimise grid import and exports to maximise your electricity bill savings.

Why are the incoming & outgoing electricity figures in my customised Tesla Energy Plan quote so high?


Tesla’s software uses combinations of your historical energy use patterns, solar generation forecast and wholesale energy prices.

This includes:

  • Charging your car
  • Topping up your Powerwall with;
    • surplus solar energy from your roof
    • 100% renewable energy from the grid when prices are low
  • Selling excess energy from your solar and Powerwall to the grid when demand is high

This will likely result in higher import and export energy volumes than those you see now with standard solar self-consumption and Powerwall.

How does this affect my Powerwall warranty?


The warranty provided by Tesla is not affected under the Tesla Energy Plan. Tesla will still warrant that:

  • Your Powerwall will be free from defects for 10 years following initial installation date and
  • Your Powerwall will have an energy capacity of 13.5 kWh on its initial installation date and will retain 80% capacity at 10 years following such initial installation date.

What happens during times of grid outage?


Individual Powerwalls have back-up capability as a standard feature to keep your lights on and sockets running when there is a grid outage. As part of Tesla Energy Plan, you will be able to reserve 20% of the energy capacity in your Powerwall as back up.

This level of energy reserve provides the typical customer with 2-4 hours of power. You will need to indicate before installation of your Powerwall that you want backup functionality enabled. If you do not, there will be no capacity reserved for back up in your Powerwall.

What is the data policy for this offer?


As your retailer, Octopus Energy takes your privacy seriously and has published a Privacy Policy that outlines exactly how they will collect, store, use and disclose personal information.

6. Contact us

If you have more questions about the Tesla Energy Plan, email to speak to a Tesla Energy Advisor.

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