Bills and payments

Including any questions you have about your old supplier.

What happens if I'm in credit or debit with you?

Since your usage varies over the year, it's pretty normal to be in debt at the end of winter, or credit at the end of summer. The credit you build over the summer months offsets your higher usage in winter.

If you see your account building up a little too much debt for comfort (say, more than one monthly payment's worth), you can easily sort this yourself. Just make a one-off payment or adjust your monthly Direct Debit through your online account (set one up now if you haven't already).

We'll also monitor this to make sure your payments and usage don't fall behind over the course of the year, aiming to have your account balance above zero once your year ends. To make sure your payments are set to the right amount, it is super important to submit meter readings every month ideally.

If you think your statements aren't right, or if you're building up too much credit and want to request a refund, please drop us an email at

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