This competition is now closed

The winner will be announced on our Twitter and Facebook pages and contacted directly. Our 100 runner up prize winners will be contacted directly too.

Great green grand prizes

Electric Volts-Wagen Beetle

This classic restored VW Beetle has had its petrol guzzling engine removed and an all electric battery fitted.

12 months free charging

To get you accommodated with your new electric car we'll pay to charge for the first 12 months - based on the typical distance covered by a UK driver.

A boot load of high tech prizes

A total of 14 more green and high tech prizes including a Nintendo Switch and Bose wireless headphones.

Plus 100x Runners up prizes

Alexa speakers

We also have 100 Alexa speakers to give away to runners up throughout the 4 weeks of our competition. Keep an eye on our social media to hear us announce the winners.

If you're on one of our smart tariffs, like AgileOctopus, read more on our blog about how your Alexa can tell you when your power is cheapest and greenest.

How it works

Step one

Already a customer? Simply enter below. Not yet a customer? First switch, then enter

Step two

Decide which charity your share of the donation will go to

Step three

Winners will be announced on all Octopus Energy social channels 30th December 2020

Want to be a winner?

Just enter the draw for the Volts-Wagen before 29th December 2020

Why are we doing this?

We want to drive the electric revolution, and we want to share a bit of joy - this competition costs 3p per customer, if you'd rather opt out of the competition, please email us and we'll donate your share to one of the charities listed below.

How your entry helps

We're conscious that many don't have the luxuries of thinking about smart tech right now - so for the duration of this competition we'll be matching the cost of the prize and donating this to the 3 charities below. Once you've entered you'll decide which charity your share of the donation will go to.


Papyrus is the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide. They exist to reduce the number of young people who take their own lives by shattering the stigma around suicide. Papyrus provides confidential support and advice to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide, as well as anyone worried about a young person through their helpline.

Renewable World

Every person deserves the right to determine their own future. Access to energy and a clean environment makes this possible. We envision a Renewable World, where energy is readily accessible to all, helping to end extreme poverty and reduce climate change. Our programmes in Nepal and Kenya bring renewable energy to scale for poor communities, (em)powering thousands to lead a better life.


We should all be able to keep warm and healthy at home, but millions of people are struggling to afford the energy they need to do so. Each year around 10,000 people die as a result of living in a cold home. Cold homes can also cause or worsen a range of serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, bronchitis, and asthma; can have a significant impact on mental health and is a known risk factor for suicide. National Energy Action (NEA) work towards eradicating fuel poverty across the UK and enable millions of people to live in a warm home.

Want to be a winner?

Just enter the draw for the Volts-Wagen before 29th December 2020

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