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What is dynamic pricing?

Several times a day, electricity gets expensive because everyone is using it at the same time. But while EV charging takes a lot of electricity, a lot of it is outside these peaks. Dynamic pricing gives you cheaper prices whenever your charge points are used outside of peaks.

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Sign up for an Octopus Electric Juice tariff and you'll receive:

A fixed rate, fair-priced renewable electricity tariff - designed to be used for up to six months while we gather data to create your usage profile. This will help avoid expensive wholesale and distribution costs, while you concentrate on growing your business.

A half-hourly enabled meter – ensuring that your charge points are capable of reading Half-Hourly data from the get-go. Our technology will capture your data to create a clear picture of your profile. We'll work with you to decide at what stage your meter should be enabled based on the right energy tariff for you.

Regular six-monthly check-ups, to ensure your growing charging network is accessing the most efficient tariffs.

Complete transparency on how we will build your tariff based on distribution costs, wholesale costs and our supplier margin. This provides a good balance between your ability to offer great prices to your customers and us supporting you with your growing electricity usage requirement.

The Octopus Electric Juice Seal of Approval – we can provide digital and physical materials to show your customers all the energy you provide is 100% renewable.

Do you have high capacity chargers that require half-hourly from the get-go? We'll create a starter half-hourly tariff.

The Octopus Electric Juice Tariffs

Octopus EJ Non Half Hourly

Our starter tariff and for those where the bulk of energy is required through peak energy periods. Designed to help avoid price exposure on distribution charges and provide predictable wholesale costs.

Octopus EJ TRI

A fixed, three-tiered tariff that splits energy charges throughout the day into a peak, off-peak and night rate. A simple tariff for easy access to off-peak energy pricing.

Octopus EJ Half Hourly

Custom built tariff to match your half-hourly consumption profile, providing lower costs and maximum flexibility. Suitable for high capacity rapid chargers, and companies looking to unlock more Time of Use benefits.

Octopus EJ Agile

Our most transparent and dynamic tariff. Prices reflect the day-ahead wholesale cost of electricity for every half-hour, while our Price Cap Protect prevents excessive charges during peak periods. Used correctly it's the gateway to the most exciting opportunities in the electric charging market.

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