Introducing the Electric Juice Network

Charging your electric car on the road today means having to use a plethora of different cards and apps, with usage spread across different emails, texts and bills.

Not for much longer...

We're busy creating a super-slick, super-easy charging experience with the Electric Juice Network: one solution, thousands of chargers, one bill. And if you're an Octopus Energy home electricity customer, your bills can automatically be linked for the ultimate simplicity.

We're very excited to launch the Electric Juice Network with these partners,
allowing access to on-street, rapid and destination charging:

Electric Juice Partners August 2021

  • You can use your Electric Juice card to access any IONITY, Osprey, Shell NewMotion, Franklin LiFe, Greenflux, ESB, Allego, Plug-n-Go, Alfa Power & Hubsta charger
  • You can 'Pay with Octopus Energy' on any of's 500+ lamppost charge points in London, the Chilterns and Coventry.

As we introduce new partners, you'll be able to access even more networks with Electric Juice. Sign up today and we'll send you your own Electric Juice card and keep you updated when new networks join!

No driveway? No problem!

We've teamed up with Ubitricity to help current and prospective EV drivers register their interest in having on-street chargers installed nearby. Complete the form below (it takes about 30 seconds) and we'll let Ubitricity know you're keen for a charger!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the partner networks?


We're proud to work with a national network of partners to bring you access to rapid & fast charging at lampposts, supermarkets, pubs, car parks, highways & more across the whole of the UK.

Locations and pricing of, Osprey, Franklin's LiFe, Alfa, IONITY, Hubsta & Plug-N-Go can be found on their respective websites.

We're working with even more networks who'll be joining Electric Juice soon, in order to give you access to thousands of charge points across the country (and beyond!)

Register your interest in the Electric Juice Early Access above and we'll make sure to let you know when new networks are introduced.

Do I have to be with Octopus Energy for my home energy supply?


No. We want charging to be as simple as possible for every EV driver in the UK, whether you are with Octopus Energy for your home energy supply or not.

If you are on supply with us at home, any charges on Electric Juice partner networks will be added to your Octopus home energy bill.

If you're not on supply with us, we'll send you a single bill for your public charging only.

How much does it cost?


Electric Juice doesn't charge any premium on top of the network providers - we simply pass through the cost they give us.

  • Charging on a lamppost costs 33p per kWh, with no connection or transaction fees.
  • Charging on an Osprey rapid costs 36p per kWh, with no connection or transaction fees.
  • Charging on an IONITY ultra-rapid costs 66p per kWh, including a 5% discount from Octopus Energy. There are no connection or transaction fees.
  • LiFe Energy, Alfa Power, Plug-N-Go and Hubsta do not have a standard price for charging. The rate you'll pay is that which a regular "Pay as you Go" customer would receive on any of these networks.

Any charges will be added to your Octopus Energy bill when either paying by Octopus or using your Electric Juice Network card.

Details on other charging network costs will be added as they launch.

How do I use the Electric Juice Network?

  • When using a charger, hit the 'Pay with Octopus Energy' option when activating your charge.
  • When using any other charger, simply start and end your charging session using your Electric Juice card.

Our Electric Juice app is coming soon!

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!