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ŠKODA and Octopus Energy

Congratulations on your new electric ŠKODA! To get you moving, ŠKODA and Octopus Energy are offering the equivalent of up to 3,800 free miles of 100% renewable electric fuel when you sign up to Intelligent Octopus Go, our next generation tariff for electric vehicle charging.

Claim your free miles

Enter your ŠKODA vehicle registration number to redeem this exclusive offer. You'll receive your driving miles as a £90 credit to your energy bill once your switch is complete and we've successfully taken your first payment.

If you haven't taken delivery of your new electric vehicle you can sign up using your ŠKODA order number.

Please note if you've ordered your vehicle through a third party, you may not have a ŠKODA order number and will need to sign up with your vehicle registration number after you've taken delivery.

Why you'll love Intelligent Octopus Go

  • Intelligent Octopus Go customers benefit from a longer off-peak window: 6 hours of guaranteed cheap, green energy every night between 11:30 - 5:30 for home and EV charging
  • Intelligent Octopus Go pairs with your charger to always smart charge on your super cheap rate
  • Full charging control through our 5* rated app
  • Award winning customer service provides a slick customer experience

To join Intelligent Octopus Go you'll need to have a SMETS2 or some types of SMETS1 smart meter installed to join the tariff.

If you don't have one, we can arrange to install a SMETS2 smart meter at no extra cost. These are suitable for most homes (with some exceptions).

Everything you need to know about smart meters with Octopus.

Claim your free miles

Want to join Intelligent Octopus Go?

You'll help make your journey to Intelligent Octopus Go as smooth as can be, and keep you updated along the way.

  1. Sign up to Intelligent Octopus Go

    Download the Octopus Energy app to get set up, switch tariffs and control your Smart Charging. Download the app on either the Apple App Store or on the Google Play App Store. Click the button below to get the process going.

  2. Hang tight while we get your smart meter set up

    It typically takes us 14 days to connect to your smart meter. We'll let you know once we're ready to roll.

  3. Get ready to charge

    Once you're set up on the app and ready to go, your tariff will change to IO and you'll be ready for your first smart charge!

Frequently asked questions

Where do I find my order number?


Your order number will be on your ŠKODA order paperwork you received from your ŠKODA Centre when you ordered the vehicle.

Is everyone eligible for Intelligent Octopus Go?


As we're in Early Access, we can currently only bring on a narrow range of people. If you were not eligible for Intelligent Octopus Go, this may be because:

  • You don't have an iPhone (iOS v14.0 or later) or Android (v7 or later)
  • You have multiple Octopus Energy accounts
  • You said that you have more than 1 car
  • You are using a car or charger that we're not yet compatible with
  • You don't have a smart meter

How much does Intelligent Octopus Go cost?


Intelligent Octopus Go is a smart time-of-use tariff with peak and off-peak pricing. Customers benefit from a low price night rate for their EV and home energy use of 7.5p/kWh between 11:30pm and 5:30am. Outside these hours your unit rate will vary by region.

Intelligent Octopus Go is a variable tariff, which means that the price you pay can rise and fall with the cost of wholesale energy. We'll always give you reasonable notice of any changes to the pricing of flexible tariffs.

To find Intelligent Octopus Go rates for your area, go to this page.

When we schedule your charging, you'll always benefit from the low 7.5p/kWh for both EV and home, even if we ask your car to charge outside of the standard night hours. If you need to charge more urgently you can trigger a Bump Charge, which is billed at your normal unit rate

Are other Octopus tariffs available?


Yes! You can switch to any one of our Octopus tariffs here and still receive your £90 credit.

How do I claim my credit?


Simply sign up to Intelligent Octopus Go, the tariff designed specifically for EV drivers, or any one of our other great value tariffs here.

Your £90 credit will be added to your Octopus Energy account when you switch both fuels to Octopus. The credit will be automatically added to your account once you're on supply and your first direct debit has been taken (usually around 10 days later).

What if I'm already an Octopus customer?


Customers who joined us directly can still avail of this great offer. However, if you joined us via our Refer a Friend scheme or through one of our partners, and have already received a joining reward, unfortunately, you're not eligible for a free miles reward. If you're a gas and electricity customer, and haven't received a joining reward from us previously, you'll receive a £90 credit. If you're only with us for one fuel type, you'll receive £45 credit. Drop us an email at to take the offer.

I've purchased a ŠKODA electric vehicle and want to sign up to a standard tariff, am I still eligible?


You're still eligible for free miles if you switch your gas and electricity supply to one of our standard tariffs. If you decide to switch to one fuel type, you'll receive £45 credit. You can switch to any one of our Octopus tariffs here.

Claim your free miles

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Terms and conditions

*To benefit from the free miles, you'll need to be a new or existing customer of Octopus Energy and have purchased a ŠKODA electric vehicle.

New customers will be eligible for £45 credit per fuel type (gas and/or electricity) on their energy account when they switch via this referral link to any Octopus tariff. You will not be eligible for the credit if you sign up via a third party like a price comparison site.

To receive £90 credit, you must switch both fuels to Octopus Energy. If only one account is switched, you'll receive £45 credit.

The credit will be applied to your account once the account is on supply and the first direct debit payment has been taken.

To benefit from the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff, you must have a SMETS2 smart meter or a SMETS1 meter that you have agreed to let Octopus receive half-hourly consumption data from.

If you qualify for more than one type of marketing incentive or have already received a joining reward, we reserve the right to give you just one incentive.

Your contract with Octopus Energy, as set out in our Terms and Conditions, starts when you accept the Terms and Conditions as part of our Application process.

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