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Take our 3D tour to see how much cash and carbon you could save by making smart changes to your home, from installing insulation to getting a heat pump.

⏱️ Smart meter

  • Potential cash savings: £100+
  • Typical upfront costs: Free

Smart meters unlock new ways to save and earn money by helping you to both monitor your usage more closely and shift energy usage to the greenest times of day. Our smart tariffs offer savings for using electricity outside of peak times, whilst trials like Saving Sessions can unlock rewards of up to £100 for being flexible with your usage.

Your savings with a smart meter depend on what you do with it – you can save more by using smart insights to track what you're using and find ways to cut down. Find out more about the savings you could make with a smart meter.

🔥 Heat pump

  • Annual cash savings: Around the same as a gas boiler, or over £200 when partnered with a smart tariff and other savings.
  • Annual carbon savings: 2.53 tonnes
  • Typical upfront costs: Starting from £3,000 for a standard installation. 90% of Octopus quotes are lower than the national average of £8,000.

Heat pumps are the future: gas-free and 4x as efficient as even the best boilers, which means less energy, less carbon and low costs. Plus, they live years longer than a boiler and need less pricey maintenance.

Discover Octopus heat pumps.

🔋 Solar + battery

  • Annual cash savings: £867 - up to 80% off your energy bill
  • Annual carbon savings: 2.76 tonnes
  • Typical upfront costs: from £8,600 (including solar panels)

A smart home battery will charge when energy is cheapest and greenest, so you can run your home with stored electrons later on, rather than having to rely on the grid when energy is more expensive. When combined with a smart export tariff, you also get paid more for the energy you export during 'peak' demand, and with solar panels, a battery allows you to use much more of the energy you generate. Discover Octopus solar power installation.

☀️ Solar panels

  • Annual cash savings: £620
  • Annual carbon savings: 1 tonne
  • Typical upfront costs: from £5,400

Generating your own power with solar panels can help you to become self-sufficient and save money on your energy bills. When the sun's shining, your home will run off green, home-generated energy, rather than energy from the grid. Discover Octopus solar power installation.

You can save even more money by selling your surplus energy back to the grid with a smart export tariff like Outgoing Octopus.

🏠 Loft and roof insulation

  • Annual cash savings: £255
  • Annual carbon savings: 600kg
  • Typical upfront costs: £530

Loft and roof insulation is one of the very quickest wins when it comes to reducing your energy bills - and carbon footprint. Uninsulated homes lose around 25% of their heat through their roof.

Check if you're eligible for government schemes to make insulation cheaper.

🏠 Wall insulation

  • Annual cash savings: £285
  • Annual carbon savings: 670kg
  • Typical upfront costs: £1,200 (cavity wall installation)

Over a third of heat loss in an uninsulated home seeps out through the walls. Installing solid, or cavity wall insulation is a great way around this, and will have paid for itself several times over a decade after installation.

Check if you're eligible for government schemes to make insulation cheaper.

🪟 Double glazing

  • Annual cash savings: £80-£150
  • Annual carbon savings: 410kg
  • Typical upfront costs: £7,500

Double glazing reinforces your windows to stop heat escaping through them. It can be a little more expensive, with a longer payback time than other forms of insulation, but for many homes, it's still well worth it.

🚗 Electric vehicle + home charger

  • Annual cash savings: £1,147
  • Annual carbon savings: 2.73 tonnes
  • Typical upfront costs: £16,000+ (for a new model)

Making your next car an electric vehicle will have a huge impact on your carbon footprint, and save you cash too. The EV revolution is booming, and as new models hit the streets, the upfront costs are dropping all the time – plus there're plenty of opportunities for a second-hand steal. With the rising price of petrol, you'll save more than £1,000 a year on fuel costs – plus, you'll save on maintenance because EVs need far less of it.

Check out Octopus Electric Vehicles to find out more.

For cheaper charging on bonkers rates, get a premium charger installed at home. Find out more about EV charger installations and get a quote.

🍃 Join a Fan Club

  • Annual cash savings: £350
  • Typical upfront costs: Free

Octopus Fan Club is an exclusive local power tariff, giving you and your neighbours up to 50% cheaper energy when your local wind turbine is turning. We've currently got three Fan Club turbines up and running, with many, many more in the pipeline.

Let us know you'd like a Fan Club in your area here.

How did we calculate these savings?

These are really rough averages, designed to give you a tiny peek at how a green, smart home can save carbon and money. Your personal savings for any of these bits of tech could be really different depending on a load of factors, such as the size and design of your home, and the area in which you live. If you'd like a personalised quote for any of the Octopus green tech you see here, get in touch via the links above.

For the savings associated with loft and roof insulation, wall insulation, double glazing, heat pumps, and solar panels we've taken figures from an average semi-detached house - courtesy of the Energy Savings Trust.

Figures for savings associated with solar and battery are calculated by comparing what the average household would pay on the July'23 price cap (£1,060) to what they would pay with a 4kW solar & battery system, assuming they use 80% of their generation and export 20% on our Fixed Outgoing tariff (£194). This is a saving of £867 or 82% of the total electricity bill.

Heat pump running costs: on a standard tariff, you'd typically save around £187 a year with a heat pump. With other factors considered, you could save up to £559. Find out how we calculate our heat pump running costs on our blog.

Figures for electric vehicles were generated by our in-house EV boffins. They compare avg MPG for petrol cars to the avg wh/mile of a new EV, assuming the owner is on the Octopus Go tariff, and that they drive 10,000 miles a year, as compared to an average petrol car.

To find out more about heat pumps, visit our Heat Pump Hub. Or for Octopus solar panel and battery installations visit our home page. If you have any questions, we're here to help: hello@octopus.energy