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As a FleetCharge customer, you can access amazing savings on your energy bill by switching to one of our electric vehicle tariffs and scheduling your charging to happen overnight. If you'd like to start your switch, call our team on 08081693274 with your current energy prices to hand and we'll talk you through your options. With global energy prices at record highs, we're asking anyone who wants to switch to call us rather than switching online. This is to make sure you're not switching to a more expensive tariff.

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Save up to £450 by switching to our OctopusGo tariff *

We're working with JustPark to offer cheap charging to fleet drivers who can charge at home. Our smart tariffs offer great value to drivers who schedule their charging to happen overnight. This is part of JustPark's FleetCharge proposition which aims to knock down barriers preventing fleets from electrifying.

Choose from one of our tariffs below and start your switch to enjoy great savings. Switching to an Octopus tariff can also help speed up your charge point installation.

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Frequently asked questions

Are all FleetCharge drivers eligible for Octopus' electric vehicle tariffs?


OctopusGo is our smart tariff designed for EV drivers which means that you need to have an electric vehicle and SMETS2 or Secure SMETS1 smart meter installed before you can join the tariff.

Don't have a smart meter? No problem! Join Octopus Energy on an interim tariff through this link, and we'll contact you to book a smart meter appointment once you've switched.

Most properties are suitable for a smart meter, as long as you have good mobile signal, and are not currently on a prepay meter. If you've already got a 3 phase electricity meter, you're in a rural location, or your electricity meter is in a communal cupboard, drop an email to and we'll look into it for you.

If you're unable to get a smart meter you can still sign up for one of our other great value Octopus tariffs here.

What if my electric vehicle hasn't arrived yet?


If you can prove that you're due to receive an electric vehicle, you can still join our tariff. We might ask you to send us an email with confirmation from your employer as proof. It makes sense to start your switch as early as possible so that you're all set up for when your vehicle does arrive.

*How do you calculate the savings of £450?


Savings calculated by comparing a typical EV owning household’s electricity bill on Go Green rates vs. the predicted Standard Variable Tariff rates from April 1st 2022 according to the Ofgem Energy Price Cap. Calculations use a predicted total household plus electric vehicle consumption of 4,861kWh, assuming that 95% of EV charging occurs in the cheap charge window. Rates correct as of 01st March 2022.

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