Start building the smart grid for real

Octopus Energy has released an API for its groundbreaking Agile Tariff - a green energy tariff which varies with the wholesale price every half hour.

For the first time, this tariff allows consumers to shift demand in response to realtime energy prices - a critical part of moving to a more sustainable future.

We're inviting engineers, data scientists and designers to help build the future.

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Energy has some big challenges

Energy is going through a seismic shift right now and has some huge challenges to tackle.

Decarbonisation will grow electricity demand dramatically

With a need to electrify transport and heating and an insatiable appetite from consumers for ever more sophisticated consumer tech in the home, industry and business must constantly iterate to develop ever more innovative propositions.

Balancing the grid for renewables

The UK has signed up to ambitious decarbonisation targets, but renewable power puts unusual pressure on the grid - a sunny day might deliver a surge in solar generated power. To maintain stability, we must look to more innovative ways of balancing demand.

Commercialising the smart meter roll out

With government targets to have a smart meter in every home by 2021, the focus must be on unlocking their potential to drive value for both consumer and business. The commercial opportunity to link smart, IOT, business and consumer opportunities remains a critical question to answer if we are to deliver true value.

Some ideas...

  • Optimising charging for EVs
  • Switching time of use on high load appliances
  • Using pricing to optimise charge and discharge timing for home batteries
  • Making lifestyle recommendations to maximise savings
  • Analysing potential savings for DNOs in upgrade costs
  • Modelling ideal electric heating patterns
  • Modelling potential savings for the fuel-poor
  • Using machine learning to identify household energy patterns

The hackday will feature

A picture of an API output

Octopus Agile API

Our API enables developers to read both current and historical prices (and a whole host of other detail) - opening up the world of the smart grid, enabling devices to optimise time of use and to provide deep insight and analysis.

A picture of a usage data graph

Real (anonymised) usage data

With anonymised real world half-hourly smart meter data from thousands of households and a year's worth of historical Agile prices to allow teams to identify patterns, qualify ideas, train machine learning engines and quantify potential economics.

A picture of some of the employees of Octopus Energy

Octopus developers & designers

Our team will be on hand all day to help with any questions or give hands-on technical and design help.

How do I get involved?

As a team

We're looking for brilliant teams from organisations across utilities, tech and innovation to join us to help build the future of energy.

We advise submitting a team of around 4-6 people; developers, data scientists, designers, product and commercial all welcome.

If you'd like to be involved but are light in one skills areas, let us know, as we can bolster teams.

As an individual

We're also looking for individually brilliant designers, data scientists and developers.

Submit your details to be considered to join a team for the day.

As a student

If you're a student developer, designer or data scientist who wants to get involved we do have some limited places and funding for travel expenses to and from the event.

You'll work in a team with industry experts as you tackle the big problems in the energy industry.

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Any questions about registering or the day in general simply email


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What they'll be looking for

Biggest impact

We're all trying to make the world a better place, so let's do it right. What can you come up with that will have the biggest impact to the most (or most deserving) people.

Technically interesting

The best kind of interesting. Wow our judges with your creative use of data and tech to create something that will leave them scratching their heads.

What they'll be giving out

Two Apple watch series 3's

Apple Series3 Watches

Bose QC35 headphones

Bose QC35 Headphones

A picture of a Tesla model S

Tesla driving experience

We'll be there too

A picture of Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson

CEO / Founder

A picture of Rebecca Dibb-Simkin

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin

Director of Product & Marketing

A picture of David Winterbottom

David Winterbottom

Head of Engineering

A picture of Ashley Firth

Ashley Firth

Head of Front End Development

A picture of David Sykes

David Sykes

Head of Data Science

A picture of Gilly Ames

Gilly Ames

Front End Developer

A picture of Pete Miller

Pete Miller

Head of Customer Experience / Co-Founder

A picture of Fiona Howarth

Fiona Howarth

CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles

James Eddison

James Eddison

CTO / Co-Founder

Ronan McKinless

Ronan McKinless

UX Lead / Product Designer


Thursday 24th May 2018

Skyloft, Millbank Tower, Westminster, London, SW1P 4QP



Barista style coffee, muffins and fruit platters. Plus an informal hello.



A briefing from our tech team on how things will run.


Hackathon Commences

Baristas on hand all day, alongside cold drinks and a selection of snacks.



A selection of Asian style veggie, vegan and carnivorous hot food (in bento boxes).


Laptops closed

Evening presentations to judging panel accompanied by beer and street food (burgers, kebabs, burritos).


Home time

Our beautiful home for the day

A picture of outside of Millbank tower
A picture of the interior of the Skyloft
A picture of the view from Millbank tower

Who else will be there?

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See you there

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