Save enough for a weekend away

Our customers save £222 on average, compared to the average Big 6 variable tariff.

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Sound too good to be true? Here’s how we do it

We started with a clean slate. Energy is a notoriously traditional industry, but we’ve built a modern, efficient system that lets us pass savings to you.

Just imagine everyone else is still driving a 1982 Vauxhall Corsa, and we’ve built a self-driving digital supercar.

We'll give you good value for the long term, not just a fixed term

We set our tariffs to offer you long term value, not to get in cheap and then increase it when you’re not looking.

That’s where traditional companies make their money.

Chances are this is why you’re paying so much right now.

Leave any time... seriously, the door's always open

Unlike other companies who penalise you for leaving early or tie you into a long term contract, you can leave us at any time.

We want you to be happy – even if it means having to say goodbye.

DJB from London saved £582 in 1 minute 17 seconds

That’s a weekend to Europe, or closer to home, a new TV. All in less time than it takes to microwave your lunch.

Guaranteed no disruption to your energy supply

The industry is set up to keep you connected at all times. We guarantee there will be no disruption due to your switch.

No need to tell your previous supplier

In fact, you don’t even need to know who they are – we handle everything.

No installation or engineer visits

To get started, all we need is your address.

You’re in control

We’ll ask you for monthly meter readings, giving you the most accurate bills in the industry. You only pay for what you use, not what we think you used.

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