WANTED: talented quantitative developers to help build out our platform

Contract type: Full time

Location: Soho, London

Contact: talent@octopus.energy


Octopus Energy is a tech-focused energy supplier for the UK market and we’re are looking for curious and out-of-the-box thinking software engineers to join our growing team.

We’re building “Kraken”, a cloud-based energy platform for interacting with both consumers (via the web, mobile and smart-meters) and the industry (eg data flows, consumption forecasting, trading on the wholesale market).

Unlike our competitors, we’re a tech-led company. We aim to use first-class software engineering and creative technology to innovate and provide industry-beating customer service.

For evidence of innovation, see our Agile Octopus tariff (the world's first half-hourly tariff)

As for customer service, see our Trustpilot reviews.

This is a rare opportunity to use technology to help fight climate change through helping the UK to use green technology and renewable energy sources.

Our team

All technology is written and maintained by a multi-discipline engineering team of around twenty people. This includes server-side, client-side and mobile engineers working closely with UX experts, copywriters, designers as well as data scientists.

We follow a Kanban-like approach, using Google docs and Trello to specify and manage work; Github, CircleCI and Terraform Enterprise as part of an immutable-infrastructure, continuous delivery pipeline; and Loggly, Sentry and Cloudwatch to measure performance and monitor production.

Engineering standards are high. We pair program, thoroughly review and test code before it deploys, and maintain fast, high-value test suites. We have weekly tech talks, monthly blitz-days (eg sharpening our internal tools, upgrading dependencies) and can often be found at tech meet-ups and conferences.

Our coding conventions are open-source and we maintain a tech blog.Octopus is a great place to learn, work coding conventions are open-source with some talented engineers and level-up your skills.

Our technology

On the server-side, we mainly use Python. Most of our websites are powered by Django and the Django-REST-framework. We also use ScikitLearn, Keras and TensorFlow for analysis and forecasting, plus Celery, Dask and Airflow for background processing.

We use AWS heavily, employing most of the “Hashistack” stack (eg Packer, Consul, Terraform) as well as Kubernetes to orchestrate our continuous deployment pipeline.

Client-side, we use React, Redux and SASS; our mobile apps are built using React Native.

Why you should work for us

This is a great opportunity for several reasons:

* We have lots of difficult*design challenges*to solve. The UK energy market is complicated, outdated and process-heavy - there’s an awful lot of domain modelling that we need to get right. Strong attention to detail is essential.

* We have difficult*technical problems*to solve. With the advent of smart meters, we’ll soon be processing millions of meter readings a day. We need the right technology in place to handle this smoothly as well as feeding data into a machine learning pipeline that models and predicts consumption.

* There’s a great opportunity for disruption in the UK energy market. The big suppliers still dominate, but are not exactly popular. The energy landscape is changing as we move to more dis-aggregated forms of generation, with less predictability, more dynamism and smarter technology. Octopus Energy were the first UK supplier to introduce a “tracker” tariff whose prices track the daily wholesale prices: http://www.cleanenergynews.co.uk/news/efficiency/octopus-offers-transparency-with-wholesale-price-tariff

* You’ll be working for a company that’s fighting climate change. Our parent company is the largest investor in solar generation in the UK, and are funding wind and anaerobic digestion. As a supplier, we’re helping people to use greener technology and renewable energy, all helping move the UK towards a lower carbon future.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone with a general interest in technology, keen to get a grasp on one of the most quantitative challenges the business is facing ; managing intermittent renewable generation while providing innovative commercial solutions (such as, for example, time-of-use tariffs, V2G services).

It would be helpful to have expertise in the following:

* Python as well as its scientific and data processing stack

* Writing robust and fault-tolerant software

* Celery and async processing

* Postgres

Moreover, experience in any of the following would be a bonus:

* Knowledge of financial derivatives; particularly gas and electricity a plus

* Cloud infrastructure and provisioning; AWS, Terraform

* Containerisation and deployment; Docker, Kubernetes

* Python machine learning ecosystem

You do need to be able to work in the UK without a VISA though.

Above all, we’re looking for someone who thrives on providing alternative opinions, challenging those around them and being challenged.

Could this be you?


Contract type: Full time

Location: Soho, London




Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!