Contract type: Full time

Location: Brighton and Leicester



About the company:

Octopus Energy is a renewable energy supplier making waves in the industry. As an agile and innovative startup, Octopus Energy brings bold new products to the market and champions fairness and transparency, all while maintaining an excellent standard of customer service.

Our business was founded on a few key principles. Firstly, we provide green energy to the mass market (our backers Octopus Group fund 40% of all the UK’s large scale solar generation). Secondly, we provide an efficient and personalised customer experience (say goodbye to long call waits and hello to a transparent and consultative customer experience).

And we’ve got the credentials to back it up. We’ve been named Which?’s only Recommended Energy Supplier for 2018, and uSwitch’s Supplier of the Year. as well as maintaining a 9.5/10 rating on TrustPilot. Our exceptional customer service has led to Ofgem entrusting us with the customers from two failed energy suppliers (Iresa and Gen4U). We’ve recently partnered with legendary UK brand Marks & Spencers to relaunch M&S Energy, and are the official energy sponsor of Arsenal Football Club, powering the Emirates Stadium with 100% renewable energy!

Ultimately, a role with Octopus Energy is a chance to join an exciting scale-up business within the energy supply sector – one that’s at the forefront of changing the landscape of the energy industry. A job with us offers the best of both worlds: on the one hand, backing from a large, well-capitalised umbrella corporate, Octopus Group, and on the other, the dynamic working environment of a start-up.

About the Role:

We’re looking for bubbly, talented, and personable people to join our Customer Operations team. You will be responsible for answering a range of different complex customer queries whilst consistently maintaining a friendly, positive, and innovative approach. A smile really can be heard over the phone!

  • Delivery of a service that customers will love
  • End to end customer operations including the efficient delivery of customer services, billing, metering and payments
  • Helping to coordinate & manage third party industry partners
  • Contributing to the design, thinking and specification of in-house technology to systematize and automate processes
  • Supporting the implementation of new projects and processes across the operations team

So, how is this different to a call centre job?

A role at Octopus Energy is SO much more than that! Due to Octopus Energy’s clear billing system and online self service tools, the majority of queries will be complex and require you to think on your feet. Each team manages its own customer base, so if a customer calls in more than once, you’re likely to speak to them again – it’s all about building relationships with customers, through efficiency, trust, and personality. You will be solving all customer queries end-to-end, which makes for a diverse and challenging day – the onus is on you to solve problems for customers in one interaction!

You will be joining a company that values your opinion and input, which means we want to hear your opinion on current customer processes, and suggestions for improvements. It’s your chance to join an ethical, customer-focussed company that is at the forefront of revolutionising the energy industry. This will not be the same experience as working for a giant company. You’ll never feel like a cog in the machine.

Octopus hire smart and motivated graduates and have a very high staff retention rate. This wouldn’t be possible if it was ‘just a call centre role’.

Why would I want a career in customer service?

Because Customer Operations is a reputable career path!

A career in customer operations allows you to build a wealth of skills that are highly relevant and transferable in the current work climate. Customer service and slick operations have fast become many companies’ edge in an increasingly competitive world. Working out what makes customers happy, and learning how to build and improve processes, are prevalent and sought-after skills in all industries, including utilities and energy. You can be an instrumental part of defining Octopus Energy’s brand image to its rapidly growing customer base

How can I work at an energy start-up if I don’t have a related background?

Because you will be trained on everything you need to know!

You get a crash course in all things energy when you join, then ongoing on-the-job training. Don’t worry, the graduates who work there have come from a variety of different backgrounds and degree disciplines. You just need to be eager to learn, ready to pick things up, and have a real interest in delivering outstanding customer service.

Will I be working in a team?

Yes! Octopus Energy has a very collaborative environment – everyone helps each other out on tasks. Octopus Energy’s office is split into teams where each team manages a customer base. Therefore, if a customer calls in more than once, it’s your job to ensure you pass on as much knowledge as possible to your team members. This ensures the customer service they receive is as personalised and efficient as possible. Furthermore, the teams work together on projects that directly influence the processes in place which affect a customer’s experience.

Working at Octopus Energy means it’s impossible to sit in a corner alone – from day one you will be welcomed into a lively and energetic team.

Start Date: ASAP

Duration: Permanent

Location: Brighton and Leicester

To apply use the button below to get in touch, attach your CV, and answer the following questions:

  1. What makes an exceptional customer experience?
  2. Why is Operations so important to a business?

Contract type: Full time

Location: Brighton and Leicester



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