16th August 2019

Most homes would slash their bills with Octopus Energy

Pete Miller, Head of Customer Experience

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More than 60% of households could make big savings by switching to Octopus, as well as knowing they’re doing their bit to help save the planet.*

Around two-thirds of homes are on Standard Variable Tariffs, blasted as among the poorest-value tariffs.

In April 2019, industry watchdog Ofgem reported that the average bill for these customers was £1,254 a year. By contrast, at that time, the best deal with Octopus was just £967 a year, meaning a saving of £290. And even Octopus customers on our standard variable tariff at that time would have saved £225 a year. Not to be sniffed at…

And by joining Octopus, you can feel good about the fact that you’re helping us in our war to say goodbye to harmful fossil fuels, too. That’s because 100% of our electricity is certified renewable. That means all our electricity is produced using green, abundant sources like sun and wind.

And if you sign up for our Super Green Tariff (typically, about the price of an extra latte each month), we guarantee to carbon-offset that gas with the help of our partner, Brighton-based charity Renewable World. That means any carbon involved in the production of your gas will be matched by a reduction in carbon emissions elsewhere.

We’re pretty good at customer service, too, if we’re allowed to blow our own trumpet. So much so, in fact, that we are the only energy company to be chosen as a Which? Recommended Provider. For the second year running.

It’s simple. Fair pricing that is always good value. Top-notch customer service. And energy that won’t cost the Earth...

If you'd like to join a company that will always fight to save you money as well as to save the planet, get a quote now:

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Pete Miller

Head of Customer Experience

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