Manage your energy, your way: how to use our online account and our new app

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You can do all kinds of awesome things in our online account….

First things first, to set up an online account if you don’t have one already, open your browser (Google Chrome/ Safari etc.) and visit (our website).

At the top right hand corner of the page you’ll see ‘Account’. Click on that, and we’ll ask you to create a password. Once you’ve created a password, you’ll be able to log straight into your new account.

click account

Our online account is optimised for every device, which means that you can access it via our app (on a tablet or smartphone) or on your computer, and has been designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind (it’s even picked up a couple of awards!) With this in mind, we still think that the online account is the best way to manage your account, but now, for all you who prefer them, we’ve recently released an app for iOS (Android coming soon).

How to use our Octopus App:

The new app works just like our online account, technically it’s a ‘wrapper’ of the online account in an app form, so it has all the same features and benefits, but you can download it as an app for your phone.

Our ‘wrapper’ solution means that whenever we release the ability to do a new thing on our online account, it will automatically appear in the app.

A few things to know:

1. Some of the things you can do in your app (you get these same features in the online account)

  • Send us a meter reading
  • Spin the wheel of fortune after you’ve sent us a reading
    (If you have a smart meter, you can still spin the wheel of fortune once a month)
  • Tell us you’re moving house
  • Edit your direct debit
  • If you’ve got a smart meter, see how much energy you are using (and if you don’t have a smart meter, you can register for one)

We’re currently also working on improving the graphs and visualisations that show how much energy you use as a smart meter customer, so keep an eye out for these coming your way!

2. Our app won’t automatically log you out once you’ve finished using it

Social media and email apps don’t log you out either, and so we are taking the same approach. Of course you can always force close it if you wish, like any app. (You should always have security in place (PIN or fingerprint) in case anyone gets a hold of your phone. )

If you prefer to have an account that always logs you out, then it’s best to visit your account using a web browser.

3. If you don’t want to lose the space it takes to store an app on your phone, you can add your online account to your home screen

We’ve recently made it much easier for customers to add their online account (in web form) to the home screen on their phone - making it feel more like an app (although it doesn’t take up the space of an app - ~50kb vs up to 100s of Mb). It also doesn’t have as much access to your phone’s hardware as a native app, which some people prefer.

Customers on some platforms, such as Chrome on Android (around ⅓ of the customers who use our online account use this browser and device), will see an automated prompt to add the online account to their home screen. This prompt can be dismissed, and won’t show again for 90 days.

If you don’t get a prompt just choose the option to “Add to Home Screen” in the browser menu.

For the geeks: the technologies behind this are referred to asProgressive Web Apps’. It’s an initiative led by Google, amongst others, to promote native app-like functionality through the web browser.

4. There are many apps out there with Octopus Energy links

Our smart energy tariffs have open APIs which developers can use to create their own apps. To find our official APP, you need to search 'octopusenergy'. If you’re interested in stepping out onto the cutting edge energy tech innovation, here's a good place to start!

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