Thanks to Octopus Energy Generation, we’re Europe’s biggest solar generators


In 2021 we acquired our sister company Octopus Renewables. Their massive renewables portfolio is now operated by Octopus Energy Generation, bringing green supply, energy tech and generation all under one roof. Octopus Energy Generation manage over 300 renewable energy projects, pumping out over 2 terawatt-hours of green energy every year. This makes us Europe’s biggest investor in Solar Energy!

Thanks to Octopus Energy Generation, our global renewables portfolio is worth over £3 billion, and saves over 1.62 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

Our Octopus Energy Generation sites generated enough green energy to power the city of Manchester last year!


These sites can be broken down into:

  • Light Blue – Solar
  • Red – Onshore Wind
  • Dark Blue – GSHP (ground source heat pump)
  • Orange – Biomass and Landfill Gas

Octopus Energy Generation are leading with wind energy too

In 2019, for example, Octopus Renewables invested £86m in nine new wind farms across the UK, Ireland, and France. This means that Octopus Energy Generation now has over 470 megawatts of wind generation capacity from 21 sites.

Powering Octopus Customers with Octopus Energy Generation

A large amount of the renewable energy generated by Octopus Energy Generation's sites is sent to the market, but we also use a portion to cover a chunk of the energy that our own customers use. We have Power Purchase Agreements with around 30 different Octopus Renewable sites, including Somerton Door Solar Farm, Walland Solar Farm, Holtwood Solar Farm, Carditch Grove, and Hill End Farm. Hill End Farm, for example, generates three Megawatts – enough renewable power to save around 1,375,220kg of CO2 emissions every year. You can literally see it on Google Maps right now, here:

Every gigawatt counts: investing locally with Co-op Community Energy

When it comes to renewables, we’re leading the charge. On top of Octopus Energy Generation's green generation, our joint venture with Midcounties Cooperative is supporting community generation across the UK.

So far, we’ve teamed up with more than 79 green community generators around the country to provide over 110 gigawatt hours of community managed sun, wind and hydro power to our customers. Our commitment to local and community generation was one of the reasons that we’ve been voted ‘the company that has done the most to advance renewables’ by the Renewable Energy Association for two years running.

Why is new investment in green energy so important?

It’s important to remember that if you’re on a green energy tariff, there isn’t a separate green grid, pumping renewable generated electrons straight to your house. Instead, you’re investing in sending more green energy into the grid – cleaning up the ‘pool’ of dirty energy the UK draws from by pumping a steady stream of fresher, cleaner energy that will benefit everyone. Choosing a green supplier is all about being part of the movement towards an overall greener grid mix.

The sites managed by Octopus Energy Generation send over 2 TWh (terawatt hours) of clean, green energy into that ‘pool’ every year. We power our customers with a portion of that energy, as well as buying energy from renewable community generators, and our extra investment in UK renewables through buying green REGO certificates alongside energy from the market. If you’re interested, you can read more about where our 100% renewable energy comes from.

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