Do we owe you money?

Chris Roper, Energy explained

18th September 2017

Without a monthly meter reading, we have to guess how much energy you’re using.

If we guess wrongly, you could be paying more than you need to. This leads to a credit or debit build-up that neither of us know about until you send in a reading.

A recent industry report suggests that 67% of people on estimated bills are owed £161 (on average) when they submit a reading. While 21% owed their energy supplier an average of £163.

We only want you to pay for the energy you use, so we remind you each month your reading is due so we can send you an accurate bill.

Estimated bills might seem innocent at first, especially if your Direct Debit amount covers them, but they’re rarely accurate. We do use special mathematical models to predict your usage – based on historic readings at the property, its size, and so on – but anything from a cold snap to a warm winter can throw things out of whack.

So chances are you’re overpaying or underpaying – and the longer you leave either, the more you lose out. You’ll have lots of other uses for a big credit, and an unexpected debit just as you’re going into winter is no-one’s idea of a nice surprise.

Of course, life often gets in the way. Work, school runs, shopping, cooking – the list goes on. Just finding the time to send a reading is hard, and let’s face it, it’s a bit of a chore.

So, we’ve made sending in your meter readings a piece of cake...

  1. You can submit a meter reading automatically using just your smartphone’s camera with our app. No fiddly numbers to enter, and no worrying if you’ve entered too many or too little. Best of all it takes just seconds. Download the iOS version here.

  2. You can submit a meter reading online. If you don’t have an online account, you can set one up here. It’s really easy and takes less than a minute.

  3. You can submit a reading directly from our meter reading email, without needing to log in.

  4. You can email us your meter reading.

  5. You can take a picture of your meter, send it to us, and we’ll enter the reading for you.

  6. If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to take the meter reading yourself, we can arrange for someone to read the meter – or if it’s easier – add a friend or family member who can send the readings on your behalf.

It’s a small job but gives you big rewards – enjoy accurate bills and the confidence you’re only paying for the energy you use, not what we think you use.

You can send one now if you like...

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