5 ways to kickstart your New Year's resolutions


New Year’s resolutions are difficult to keep. Often vague, they lack the focus needed to keep track of your progress. Self-improvement is a challenge for everyone. We lead busy lives and committing to a general “get healthier” goal can get lost in the hubbub.

They’re also difficult to set. Go too small and you weaken your impact; go too large and you lose the precision needed for progress. Specific, life-changing goals with measurable benefits are what matter, and the good news is there are some simple ways to give your resolutions a boost.

We want to help

What a year 2016 was. We saw some of the worst humanitarian crises in history, lost a great many talented people, and watched an outsider candidate win the US Presidential Election. 

It's enough to make anyone anxious about what 2017 holds.

So, to help make that transition to 2017 easier, we’ve taken 5 of the most common New Year’s resolutions and given them an "Octopus" boost to help you start the year on the best foot possible. Read on to discover how you can supercharge your New Year resolutions...

1.  Get healthier

Take this to the next level by improving the planet’s health as well as your own. Go green with us and get 100% renewable energy, all day, every day. Just this little step will help prevent global warming’s catastrophic effects on the earth, some of which we're already feeling, and improve the health of future generations as well as other living things. We aim for 50% renewable generation on our non-green tariffs too. (Update May 2018: All our tariffs are now 100% renewable electricity).

2.  Cut down on stress

Reduce stress by eliminating the hassles pulling you in different directions – and why not start with energy? You've probably seen or read the calls to switch in the media for the best deal, and chances are you've been meaning to do it. So strike this off your list and move to us – it takes less than 2 minutes from any device, we'll do the hard work moving you over, and we'll give you long term value so you don't have to worry about switching every year. 

We've also made submitting meter readings a breeze – not only can you do it online, but you can scan your meter with our iOS app (an Android version is on the way) and take the stress out of figuring what those numbers mean. We'll even remind you when your readings are due. And if there's ever a problem, you've got 5 star TrustPilot-reviewed customer service to back you up.

3.  Spend less, save more

We'll help you reduce one of the largest household expenses – energy. You'll save £100s against "Big Six" Standard Variable Tariffs, get long term value, transparent pricing, and full control – you can switch away whenever you want and we won’t charge you exit fees for doing so. That makes us perfect for the regular switcher, and for those who’d rather have the comfort of affordable energy without the hassle of switching. We’ll even give you and a friend £15 cash back for every friend who switches using your referral code.

4.  Get organised

Join us and get SUPER-organised – we'll give you full control of your account from any device, monthly meter reading reminders, energy statements that make sense (not fuss), and super fast email and Facebook customer service that lets you get on with your day while we work on your query

5.  Live life to its fullest

Take the plunge and switch to us and we’ll save you time for other more meaningful activities. Forget having to switch every year, waiting on hold, being passed from person to person – instead, get fast online service and energy specialists eager to help. We might not be as well-known as the Big Six, but we promise to outshine them in every way possible. So go on, join us and we’ll do our best to make sure you never regret it.

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