Get an Ohme EV charger through Vauxhall Plug & Go

Octopus Energy have partnered with Vauxhall to provide charger installs for Vauxhall Plug & Go customers

– making the move to electric mobility simpler than ever

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Get set up with...

  • A premium Ohme Home Pro charger
  • Charger installation in the safe tentacles of an Octopus engineer
  • Electroverse: every new Vauxhall electrified vehicle comes with an Electrocard loaded with £10 free credit that gives you one-tap access to more than 502,852 chargers
  • Looking for a smart tariff for your EV? Intelligent Octopus is an app controlled tariff with six hours of super cheap energy every night


Ohme Home Pro

Fast charging at 7kW (about 25mi/hr)

Type 2 connectors compatible with all plug-in EVs

App-controlled, with dynamic power balancing for maximum efficiency

Over-the-air updates

Dimensions: 170x200x100 mm

Price is reflective of a standard install


Charging on the go

Vauxhall and Electroverse have teamed up to give you one-tap access to more than 502,852 chargers across the UK & Europe as part of the Plug & Go package

Say goodbye to multiple cards and apps. Say hello to the Electrocard.

You get one card, one app and one bill with access to thousands of chargers, all in one place.

And all with zero added costs or ongoing fees.

Every new Vauxhall electrified vehicle comes with an Electrocard loaded with £10 free credit to get you started.

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How does Plug & Go work?

Vauxhall how plug and play works

Are you looking for a smart tariff for your EV?

Ohme works with Intelligent Octopus

At Octopus we have pioneered cutting-edge EV tariffs, with 100% green electricity and no exit fees.

Save yourself £100's a year by charging when energy is cheapest and greenest on our flexible EV tariffs Intelligent Octopus


We're your EV charging one-stop shop

We handle everything in-house: your charger and installation, plus – if you want – one of our cult favourite smart tariffs for bonkers cheap overnight charging.

Our expert installers are qualified meter engineers, so we can do even the most complex installs in a single visit.

That means a quicker, smoother experience for you, help from the same award-winning customer support team, and better value for money.

What's included

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for my Ohme Home Pro?


You should have already agreed with your Vauxhall Retailer how you plan to fund your new Ohme Home Pro. Please get in touch with your Vauxhall Retailer if you have any questions regarding the payment for your Ohme Home Pro.

What does a standard installation involve?


If you’re thinking of having a charger installed, you may have heard of standard vs non-standard installations.

A standard installation is likely to involve fewer hours of labour and materials.

We take into account:

Number of drilled walls – how many walls will the installer need to drill through to run a cable from your main fuse box to your charger? 

Distance from charger to main fuse box – how far away from your main fuse box is the desired charger location? Is it over 15m?  

Is your cable going above or below ground?

Our team will talk you through the different factors that will impact your installation cost so there are no surprises on the day.

Do I have to be an OE customer?


No. Anyone can apply!

What size cable do I need for an EV charger?


The EV chargers we offer have 5m of cable as standard and 6.5m for the Zappi. Generally this is enough for most houses where the box is on the outside of the house and the car is on the driveway. We are able to quote for longer cables during your remote survey.

What is tethered and untethered?


Tethered means there is a cable attached to the charging box at one end.

Untethered has a cable that plugs into your car at one end and the box at the other.

What does a standard installation involve (detailed)?


A standard Charge Point Installation includes:

The fitting of the charger on a brick or plaster wall, (or other suitable permanent structure)

Routing of the cable through 1 x drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm thick (where required)

Up to 10 metres of High Tuff cable, run and clipped to the wall between the consumer unit and the EV charger, up to a height of up to 1.8m

All electrical connections at the origin of the supply and the charging unit

Type A RCD in metal Consumer Unit

Electrical testing and NICEIC Certification

Installation of a Matt-e unit (or alternative earthing unit) where the EV charging hardware necessitates

Demonstration of the Charge point functions and App.

Can I plug my electric car into a regular outlet?


Yes, you can. Would we recommend it? Not really. With such a low charge it can take you a long time to charge your electric vehicle.

Is a home EV charger worth it?


Yes! If you have off-street parking, getting a home EV charging point is worth it for two major reasons: you won't have to rely on finding public EV chargers and you can take advantage of low price tariffs during the night. And, with our salary sacrifice scheme for electric vehicles, you get the charger with standard installation included.

How much power does a home charger use?


It differs between chargers, but the EV chargers we offer are around 7kW. To compare, a typical electric furnace draws about 10-20kW and a water heater uses 3-4,5kW.

What will I need for a remote EV charger survey?


You’ll need to answer some questions about where you want the EV charger to be installed, and send us some photos so we can check your eligibility and decide how to get it sorted for you.

What do I need to switch to Intelligent Octopus?


To take advantage of our Intelligent Octopus tariff with cheap overnight charging, you'll need to:

Be an Octopus energy customer

Have a SMETS2 smart meter

Have an Ohme charger


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