How to play our 5th Birthday contest

Answers to all your questions, plus our rules and other stuff you should know...

Who can play?

  • Any Octopus Energy customer in the UK can get involved.
  • The creative entry itself needs to be done by a tiny person – we’re not strict that they need to be exactly five though, ‘five-ish’ is fine! (Within reason, so it’s fair on everyone else. Reception-aged kids are all good, anything above 6 is a little too old).
  • You don’t have to be the parent of the creative kid either. If it’s a friend or relative’s child, that’s totally cool, just make sure you’ve got their parent or guardian’s permission.

How do I enter?

  1. Get your 5-year old (or borrow someone else’s, with permission of course!)
  2. Have a chat with them around our theme: how do we make the Earth a better place? We’ve even found some educational content to get them started over on our 5th Birthday page.
  3. Ask them to create something magical that answers our question. Poems, songs, drawings, or anything else creative from the mini painters, musicians, and writers in your life.
  4. Film a video (preferably in square format please) of them showcasing their creation and talking about it. Extra cuteness encouraged!
  5. Submit the video on our form below before 23:59 on May 22nd 2021. Feel free to post and tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #Octo5thBday
  6. Make sure you enter by 31st May, 2021 at 23:59.

What can I win?

5 winners will get credited for the value of a year’s free energy starting July 2021 AND will get their hands on an electric Tesla Model S for Kids! These may take a few months to ship, because they’re not even available to buy here in the UK yet.

By the way... in our playground, everyone’s a winner, so every entry will receive:

  • Our very first children’s book published in partnership with Dorling Kindersley to help kids understand renewable energy – first edition, signed by our co-founders.
  • A giant, fluffy Constantine toy. You’ll be the first recipients of our all-new, 100% recycled version.

Please note, you can expect to receive these Summer 2021. *First 5,000 participants.

How do I win?

5 fantastic entrants will be selected to win by public vote and by a panel of Octo-experts.

From 7th June to 25th June, we’ll open up voting to the public. We'll be choosing our favourites to make it to the vote. Anyone (not just Octopus customers) can vote for their favourite entry to win via the 5th birthday page.

The three with the most votes will WIN – so make sure to ask your friends and family to vote for your entry as the winner (we’ll tell you more about that closer to the time).

Plus, an esteemed panel of Octo-judges will choose another two of their favourites to win as well.

Winners will be notified by email and via our social media once the voting has closed and the winners have been finalised! We'll notify our winners on 30th June.

Important one: Before you enter, make sure you’re OK with us using your video and creation on our social media or here on our site!


Why are you, an energy supplier hosting an art contest for 5-year olds?

We’ve just turned 5 ourselves, so what better way to celebrate than calling on our fellow 5 year olds to share their creativity and talents?

This kind of thing is in our OctoDNA, and we run a super-lean business that means we can have fun at a really low cost.

Of course, we know these competitions won’t be for everyone – so any customer can opt out at any time and we’ll credit the cost of the competition to your account.

We thought this would be a fab way to get adults and kids to have a thoughtful conversation about important environmental issues, and how we can make sure the planet’s a safe and happy place for them to live when they’re grown up.

We’re keen to help these conversations happen, so we’re creating new, simple ways to educate the future generations about climate change – our Octopus children’s book is hot off the presses, and wanted to share it with you and your mini painters, musicians, and writers.

Does my creative kid have to be 5 years old?

We ask that the participants be "5-ish", But we ask that that 'ish' is within reason, so it’s fair on everyone who enters. Anyone from 4 to 6 is welcome.

What if I don’t have a 5-ish year old?

You can always ask a friend / family member if they’d be interested in letting you team up with their 5-year old!

Please of course, get their permission and if they’re happy for their kid being involved, they should be OK with us using their child’s video and creation in our future content (i.e. on our social media, or on our blog or website) which we actually think is pretty cool!

What if I’m not yet an Octopus Energy customer?

If you want to take part, and you’re not a customer yet, you can sign up in minutes. You’ll be eligible to take part as soon as you’ve signed up!

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